Is This Real Life?

Today the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper published a story on me in their “Weight Loss Success Stories” section. An unscaled photo of my neck/chest area highlights the top of the story, so that obviously makes me proud. I was hoping they would include my quote about how big a role music has played in my weight loss journey, followed by my undignified plea for (free) Music Midtown concert festival tickets. I obviously can’t afford to buy them! All of my disposable income is tied up in Halo Top ice cream and Sandwich Brothers egg white turkey sausage breakfast thingies!

Here’s a link to the article. Try to not get yourself too worked up over my clavicle. 

My coworker Chris photoshopped this photo from my wedding day. Usually he just distorts my face using the photos I post on Facebook, so this brought tears to my eyes. Because, pizza.

Author: thehappiestloser

In July 2016, I joined Weight Watchers at 248 pounds. I had been obese for most of my adult life. About a year later, I reached my goal of losing 93 pounds, which put me within a healthy BMI range. This is my story of "failing my way to success" and learning to navigate a new life without those 93 pounds.

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